1100 designs villas for RiedbergVillen hoch3

The developer Hessen Agentur selected 1100 to participate in the design of the new residential development “RiedbergVillen hoch3” in the Westflügel of Frankfurt Riedberg. Hessen Agentur and the City Frankfurt am Main are currently developing this new residential area with 30 villas. The lots, ranging from 6,460 to 10,225 square feet, will go on the market starting in the spring of 2016.

As part of a qualification process, 1100 developed a timeless and modern design that responds to the characteristics of the site. 1100 will develop the design of the individual villas further based on the clients’ needs and requirements.

1100’s design concept offers three different built volumes that relate to various “phases of the day” and create one sculptural composition. Façade openings are oriented to relate to the different functions inside. When entering the building, views are directed to the garden outside. Voids created by a gallery on the first floor enlarge the living and dining area on the ground level to foster an open atmosphere. From the gallery, a large storefront-like window offers ample sightlines out to the street. In the garden, an extensive terrace is protected from outside observers.

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