Greenwich Street Loft

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Greenwich Street Loft For this loft in downtown Manhattan, we converted a manufacturing space into a contemporary residence animated by original historical elements. The open plan maximizes daylight, creates continuity between different areas, and preserves views of the Hudson River. A free-standing floor-to-ceiling teak-wood closet defines [...]

Duane Street Loft


Duane Street Loft For this apartment in Tribeca, 1100 Architect transformed what had been a subdivided and poorly lit space into an open loft with abundant sunlight. Sculpted walls minimize obstructions, while the suspended ceiling visually reinforces the curvatures of corridors, seeming to hover overhead. [...]

House in Florida

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House in Florida Located on the inner coast of Palm Beach, this single-family residence was designed with an eye toward casual luxury and modern simplicity. The layout maximizes flexibility and opportunities for indoor/outdoor living. Strategic landscaping enhances street-front privacy, shielding the [...]

Hudson River House

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Hudson River House The design of this home, situated on a sloping site in the Hudson River Valley, was guided by the immediate surroundings—the vistas provided by its perch above the Hudson River and the changing elevations of the land. The house’s shifting volumes create terraced areas [...]

Avant Chelsea

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Avant Chelsea The design of Avant Chelsea—a 40,000-square-foot, 12-story residential condominium on a tight and challenging site in New York City—maximizes the size of the building allowed by zoning regulations through an array of setbacks that add bedrooms and terraces to the uppermost four stories. On the street-facing façade, [...]

Brooklyn Brownstone

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Brooklyn Brownstone The renovation of this mid-nineteenth-century brownstone in Brooklyn Heights balances historic and contemporary design elements, creating a residence that suits the client’s sensibility while remaining sensitive to its landmarked context. The design includes a full renovation of the street-facing façade, enhancing the building’s [...]

SoHo Residence

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SoHo Residence 1100 Architect renovated a floor of this historic cast-iron building in SoHo to create a home for two artists. Carefully-placed partitions separate the spaces while preserving the open loft character of the former painting studio. Rooms that require complete separation (such as the bathroom, laundry, [...]

Carriage House

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Carriage House This design transformed an historic Greenwich Village carriage house into an inviting and contemporary residence. The main living area–used to entertain guests and showcase the client’s art collection—is an open space that features white walls, dark-stained oak floors, and a lighting installation by [...]

Abell Duplex

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Abell Duplex For this apartment combination project, 1100 Architect merged what had been two apartments on separate floors into a single cohesive space. A sculptural staircase visually connects the floors while separating the social spaces—a living room, dining room, and kitchen—from the private study and [...]

SoHo Loft

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SoHo Loft For the renovation of this SoHo loft, raw existing elements were coupled with refined and highly finished ones to create an interplay of textures and materials. The polished floor—made from a colored epoxy and covered in glossy urethane—provides a visual counterpoint to the worn ceiling rafters, [...]

HM/FM House

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HM/FM House Set on a hill overlooking Cape Cod Bay, this vacation home was based on a simple structural idea: the intersection of two volumes, one grounded and the other aloft. The house is constructed of affordable local materials and prefabricated elements that determine the [...]