Duane Street Loft


Duane Street Loft New York, NY 2016 For this apartment in Tribeca, 1100 Architect transformed what had been a subdivided and poorly lit space into an open loft with abundant sunlight. Sculpted walls minimize obstructions, while the suspended ceiling visually reinforces the curvatures of corridors, [...]

SoHo Residence

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SoHo Residence New York, NY 2004 1100 Architect renovated a floor of this historic cast-iron building in SoHo to create a home for two artists. Carefully-placed partitions separate the spaces while preserving the open loft character of the former painting studio. Rooms that require complete separation (such [...]

Abell Duplex

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Abell Duplex New York, NY 1999 For this apartment combination project, 1100 Architect merged what had been two apartments on separate floors into a single cohesive space. A sculptural staircase visually connects the floors while separating the social spaces—a living room, dining room, and kitchen—from [...]

SoHo Loft

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SoHo Loft New York, NY 1996 For the renovation of this SoHo loft, raw existing elements were coupled with refined and highly finished ones to create an interplay of textures and materials. The polished floor—made from a colored epoxy and covered in glossy urethane—provides a visual counterpoint to [...]